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Five more vidarbha farmers suicides when nation was celebrating Independence Day :VJAS urged Indian Prime Minister to revisit vidarbha

Five more vidarbha farmers suicides when nation was celebrating Independence Day :VJAS urged Indian Prime Minister to revisit vidarbha

Nagpur-17th august 2010

When Indian Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh was addressing the on the occasion independence day celebration and assuring progress on agriculture and talking about second green revolution ,vidarbha epicenter of Indian agrarian crisis has reported five more suicides taking the toll to 562 in year 2010 and recent innocent victims of free trade and globalization are

1.Dilip Khode of Village Sonbardi in Yavatmal

2.Manish Kawade of Village Shahapur in Yavatmal

3.Dhyneshwar Chamar f Village Vayhadi in Yavatmal

4.Madan Dakinkar of Puunwat in Yavatmal

5.Satish Bhokase of Village Wadara in Amaravati

Here is year was of vidarbha farmers suicide data


Vidarbha farmers suicides














(as on 15th august 2010)



‘It was not Peepli like response from politician ,administration and media to the Sonbardi,Shahapur, Vayhadi and Puunwat villages in yavatmal district where more than 1800 farmers committed suicide since 2005 and where more than 15,000 villages are showing signs of despair and gloom but nobody is ready to listen the crisis due to huge debt ,very critical cases health care and issue of education and daughter marriage crisis allowinf the complete social system failure’ alleged kishore tiwari of vidarbha janandolan samiti(VJAS) who are tracking these farm suicides since 1997 .

‘we are expecting central intervention to stop this mass genocide of innocent farmers who are victims of wrong policies promoted by state as in dry land area rain sensitive crop like Bt.cotton is being cultivated in more than 95% causing huge financial losses to the cotton farmers and water crisis in the area. We have demanding the ban on rain sensitive crop in this region and promotion of food crop in all rain fed area of vidarbha since 2004 but nobody is giving any attention to this serious demand resulting more and more farm suicides in the region ‘ Tiwari added,

“In vidarbha more than 8040 farmers killed themselves in vidarbha since 2004 as per official figure of Govt. of India, this crop loan disbursement, fertilizer shortage and heavy rain is adding fuel to distress and despair in amounting to suicide due to apathy of administration toward the crisis ” Tiwari added

On 16th august 2010 maharashtra Govt. called the meeting all ministers barring Chief Minister Ashok chavan shown grave concern over the growing agrarian crisis bur failed to give any relief due hostile appoarch of chief minister hence VJAS urged Indian Prime Minister to revisit the vidarbha to address the dying farmers and to provide free health care, food security, rural employment so that prevailing acute distress can be minimize and farmers suicides can be controlled,Tiwari said.


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