Sunday, August 29, 2010

VJAS flays Additional Chief Secretary(Agri) remark ‘Urging Farmer to Quit Farming ’

NAGPUR- Aug 29, 2010, 07.13 P.M. IST

Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti (VJAS ) farmers advocacy group ,fighting for dry land cotton growers of west vidarbha has strongly objected the recent remark of Additional chief secretary (Agri.) Nanasaheb Patil that farmers from excess rain and dry areas to quit farming as in both cases there were mounting losses that worsened their situation while

Speaking at a seminar organised by Pune-based Vaikunth Mehta National Institute of Co-operative Management ( VAMNICON).

“This is very unfortunate remark from custodian of the farmers as quitting from farming is not solution ,the version of babus is true reflection of state anti-farmers policies responsible for the mounting losses that worsened their situation and forcing them to commit suicide .Babus are keen to see that whole agriculture is shifted to corporate from agrarian community but where is alternative employment to these 3 crores farm families and 4 crore farm labors families representing more than 60 crore rural population completely dependent on the loss making farming activities which has claimed more 2 lakhs farm suicide sin last decade. we urge state Govt. sack this babus who is talking non sense as he knows causes of agrarian crisis and failed to address it due wrong policies of the state, this is matter of serious concern and we demand state clarification to it’Kishor Tiwari ,President of Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti appealed in press note today .

VJAS has drawn the further attention to the fact contributed by Additional chief secretary (Agri.) Nanasaheb Patil that the contribution of agriculture to the country's production is gradually decreasing. Along with increasing external inputs like pesticides, insecticides, fertilisers, seed prices and productivity of the soil is going down. Land has been over exploited by the farmers over the years.The cost of production goes up in dry areas as irrigation is costly and there is no back up if the prices fall. There is migration mainly from these rain-fed and dry-land areas. we are totally agree with state custodian but we don not support his appeal to farmer fro quitting the farming as it will complex the situation ,Tiwari added.

We are very much upset with his remark that it is nonsense to say that agricultural activity should be continued in the rain-fed and dry land areas existing trends is the indication to the government as well as policy makers about the ground reality as farming does not play significant role in wealth generation, like industries and service sector,this is absolutely bankruptcy of babus to promote such philosophy as all nations in the world are protecting the food growing farmers as we cant it wealth and if this trend is continued then Indian will not get food to eat as all farmers will quit the farming allowing MNCs take over the agriculture , Tiwari said.


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