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kishore Tiwari - Success is a continuing story

Success is a continuing story

Nishtha Grover

Last updated on January 20, 2011 at 1700hrs.

Kishore Tiwari is the President of the NGO, Vidharbha Janandolan Samiti. The activist group lead by Tiwari, works towards the welfare of cotton farmers in Vidharbha.

Hiwara Barsa(Yavatmal):In the village Hiwara Barsa, he seemed king, knew everyone by name and the whole village like the back of his hand. Kishore Tiwari, seemed extremely passionate about the tribal and cotton farmer’s plight. As we, a bunch of journalists descended on his domain, he objected to ourinquisitive nature and intrusion and gave us guidelines on how to ask and what to ask the villagers.

Obviously he was more into practising than preaching as later in a relatively personal session he justified his brusque treatment: “We adopt these widows and help them overcome their loss.”

Working for the betterment of the villagers has prodded Tiwari into filing more that100 PILs for the justice of tribals and cotton farmers. Malnutrition of tribals, plight of rural economy, drinking water, right to food , right to education, problems of minorities, issue of separate statehood to Vidarbha are other issues that has kept him busy. He communicates to the outer world with his blogs and social networking.

Tiwari’s grandmother was a vegetable seller in this village. It was this attachment that brought him back to the village, picking up cudgels for it: “How can I let my village suffer?” He has been at it ever since.

When questioned about his political inclinations, he confessed, “Politics is something I have given up , but we have these young widows who have in the past contested on my behalf, plus I also have my relatives on influential posts so politics is not my agenda anymore” He was with the Bhartiya Janta Party. Tiwari and said “I gave up the party because they were more interested in the Ram Mandir issue, than the plight of my fellow farmers.”

Kishore Tiwari‘s formidable name is recognisable all over the district. The number of issues he has tackled and spoken up for is far more impressive than the umpteen number of degrees he has acquired in academics.

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