Monday, February 28, 2011

Union Budget 2011-12:Vidarbha farmers and farm widows say ' it’s Peanut'

Union Budget 2011-12:Vidarbha farmers and farm widows say" it’s Peanut"

Nagpur -28th February 2011

‘Even the big discussion of having a bonanza to the farming community, the government today announced loans at interest rate of four per cent - three per cent less than market rate - for farmers who pay their dues in time and raised the credit target for farm sector by Rs 1 lakh crore the credit target for the agriculture sector has been increased by Rs one lakh crore to Rs 4,75,000 crore has not impressed 3 million dying vidarbha cotton farmer and 10,00 farm widows as there is no provision or relief package for them as finance failed to give any specific relief to vidarbha cotton farmers as there is no change on cotton export policy and any provision for the food security ,health security and family pension of to farm widows who wanted to draw the attention towards anti- cotton farmers policies of Govt. by hanging the effigies of union minister of finance and agriculture minister but nothing has been reflected in the budget.

‘This budget is as bad as earlier budgets as our main demand of complete lifting of ban on cotton export and much needed bailout package for dying cotton farmers and rehabilitation of 10,000 farm widows victims are completely ignored .when our finance minister has increased Agriculture outlay by RS.1 Lakh Crore , they would have given small peanut to us hence we are disappointed ’ Kishor Tiwari Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti informed today

VJAS welcomed the relief in the interest rate on crop loan but press the long pending demand of ‘interest free loan’ to dry land farmers of India .VJAS has welcomed the Govt. roadmap to give direct cash subsidy of kerosene and LPG to BPL families and fertilizer subsidy to farmers .

‘SHG which are taking crop loan from state owned financial institutes should given loan waiver relief as given to the farmers and should be covered in the lower interst rate facility announced by the union minister as they have ben excluded since 2008 mega loan waiver bailout package ’Tiwari added.

VJAS thanked for doubling of monthly fixed payout to ICDS Aganwadi female workers but till the amount is too low to justify the work done by the ICDS staff .

‘The rise in pension of old age people above 80 is also good initiative but this should be extended all old age pensioners under all social security scheme as rise to pensioner above 80 age is ‘hoax’ as there percentage in the total beneficiaries is less than 1% ’Tiwari said.

VJAS demand the centre to review the decision of the Committee of Secretaries (CoS) retain the cap of 55 lakh bales of natural fiber shipments for the current cotton season as of now and deferred decision of increasing it to 75 lakh bales as earlier decided by union Govt. and ‘quota free’ cotton export policy .


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