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Maharashtra Chief Minister Stand to Support Cotton Exports Ban is unfortunate –VJAS

Maharashtra Chief Minister Stand to Support Cotton Exports Ban is unfortunate –VJAS

Demand ‘Quota Free’ export of cotton bales

Nagpur -12TH Feb.2011

‘Vidarbha cotton farmers have earned too much now it’s time for textile mill owner to earn that’s reason of central Govt. has retained 55 lakh cotton bales cap ,and it’s justified in order to get textile mill owners to get cotton at lower rate hence I support it’ Maharashtra Chief Minister Prathiraj Chavan replied when media asked the question of lifting the ban on cotton export .

‘Maharashtra Chief Minister Prathiraj Chavan who has written to Indian prime minister to raise cotton export quota from 55 lakh to 75 lakh bales last month only union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar has hinted that in order to compensate the losses of cotton growers centre is lifting all cap’s on export of cotton bales and now ‘U’ turn of Maharashtra Chief Minister Prathiraj Chavan is unfortunate and is shocking. Why put a restriction when there is good demand in global market and benefits of good price can be passed on to cotton farmers who have suffered for over a decade because of unremunerative prices. Chief Minister Prathiraj Chavan influenced by strong lobbying by textile mill owners who want cheap raw material to increase their profit margins. it's a rare chance that Indian farmer got this time as cotton crop in India was exceptionally good. Moreover, when 83 lakh bales were exported last year, why should the Centre scale it down ,we condemn the anti-farmer stand of Chief Minister Prathiraj Chavan and central Govt. working under unholy cartel of textile lobby and corrupt babus’ Kishor Tiwari of Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti informed in press note.

Earlier Vidarbha cotton farmer advocacy group VJAS flays the decision of the Committee of Secretaries (CoS) on ihursday met to review the cotton exports trends and to retain the cap of 55 lakh bales of natural fibre shipments for the current cotton season as of now and deferred decision of increasing it to 75 lakh bales as earlier decided by union Govt. and announced by union Agri.Minister Sharad Pawar but under pressure textile mill owners and unholy cartel of mill owners and Babus are working against the interest of cotton farmers who are in deep distress and committing suicide.

“First cotton prices in the international market raw cotton is ranging from 7500/- to 8000/- per quintal but domestic cotton textile mill owners lobby ahs managed to purchse maximum raw cotton in the price range of Rs.3500/- to Rs.4000/- ,only last fortnight cotton prices shoot to international level that is up to Rs.6,800/- in anticipation of union Govt. decision to increase the quota from 55 lakh bales to 75 lakh bales as announced by the concerned textile ministry, this is unfortunate decision and will ruined the cotton trade in India that will ruin the cotton farmer in future hence we demand the ‘quota free’ export of cotton bales when there is growing international demand .

There big deal in the quota curtailment decision and Minister and Babus who are advocating free trade and promotion of export are washing their hand with blood of dying farmers of cotton belt of India .” Kishor Tiwari said.

The Committee of Secretaries (CoS) on Thursday met to review the cotton exports trends and retained the cap of 55 lakh Bales of natural fibre shipments for the current cotton season as of now. CoS, including commerce and textiles secretaries met in Delhi. CoS, including commerce and textiles secretaries met and taken anti cotton farmer decision to safe guard economic interest of cotton mill mafia and it is reported that


Cotton exports ceiling retained

“As of now, we are maintaining the export figure (of 55 lakh bales for cotton exports),” Textiles Secretary Ms Rita Menon said.

The cotton season runs from October to September. Of the 55 lakh bales (170 kg each) ceiling fixed by the government, 38 lakh bales had already been exported till December 15. The government had allowed cotton shipments from November 1 and contracts had to be shipped within 45 days.

Later on, the Directorate General of Foreign Trade, under the Commerce Ministry, has allowed shipments of the remaining quantity of natural fibre and the traders can ship their cotton contracts till February 25.

According to the Cotton Advisory Board projections, the natural fibre production has been estimated at 329 lakh bales in the current cotton season against domestic demand, which is pegged at 266 lakh bales.

According to sources, between October to January 31, the cotton arrivals are about 165 lakh bales against earlier estimates of 195 lakh bales. Asked whether the cotton output data can be revised, she said, “Yes, it is possible.”

Earlier, the government had also decided to have a carry-forward stock of about 50 lakh bales of raw cotton at the end of the current cotton season.

Currently, cotton prices are ruling at around over Rs 50,000 a candy (356 kg) compared to about Rs 23,000 a candy in the domestic market.


We will not allow the conspiracy of cotton traders and textile ministry as there are very shocking news reports for kharif season 2010-11 cotton production as area under cultivation of Bt.cotton is above 110 lakhs hector and it was estimated and reported by Indian Council Agri. Research(ICAR-CICR) and so called Cotton Textiles Owners Association that there is ‘bumper crop of cotton’ estimated to 375 lakh bales but in reality the cotton crop is lowest in the India and cotton growers are in deep trouble and allowing the free export can give the relief to few farmers who are having or managing the irrigation facilities to get second crop of cotton but retaining the export quota will lower down the cotton price sin domestic market and will add fuel to on going agrarian crisis due excessive and record rain and massive floods in cotton cultivating areas which has damaged most of standing Bt.cotton crop and excessive rain has jumped the cultivation cost to double, but expected yield has been reduce to 50% hence we demand ‘quota free’ cotton export policy as GOI cant allow more than 200 million Indian cotton farmers to die in order to protect interest of 200 textile mill owners ,that’s main issue of unjust .” Kishor Tiwari of VJAS added.

If GOI failed to increase export quota we will start ‘National Highway Blockade, agitation from 18th February, VJAS activist informed.

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