Monday, March 21, 2011

Vidarbha farmer package Rs.5000 crore Scam : 50 officers suspension and notice to 355 is eyewash-VJAS

Vidarbha farmer package Rs.5000 crore Scam : 50 officers suspension and notice to 355 is eyewash-VJAS

Nagpur , March 21,2011

Vidarbha farmers who are in deep distress and despair and are committing suicide @ 8 hourly since June 2005 has flayed today Maharashtra government’s announcement terming the action against 405 employees of the agriculture department, including the immediate suspension of 50 officers, accused of siphoning off funds from the central and state aid packages for Vidarbha farmers as ‘eyewash’ because they alleged that all contracts of irrigation and purchases of farm equipments and other beneficiaries under relief schemes being implement under relief packages given by initially chief minister in December 2005 amounting Rs.1075 crore and then Indian prime minister on 1 July 2006 of Rs.3750 crore where given by concern minister and secretaries of irrigation and agriculture department .

“Ajit Dada Pawar and Babalasaheb Thorat then irrigation and Agriculture minister respectably have centralized the decision and decided the agencies under all relief packages as 80% amount of relief fund was allotted to increase irrigation facilities in west vidarbha and 20% amount was given to Agriculture department in which centralized agencies where finalized by concern minister and these two minister are the main beneficiaries of vidarbha farmer’s relief package and we demand that criminal action against Ajit Dada Pawar and Babalasaheb Thorat along with culprit babus of senior rank of Mantralaya ” Kishor Tiwari of Vidarbha Janadolan Samiti demanded in press release today.

Vidarbha farmers said that the action announced in the state legislature by Agriculture Minister Radhakrishna Vikhe-Patil said that the funds were meant for the farmers in six districts affect by farmland suicides in Vidarbha region of eastern Maharashtra is too late to punish the corrupt babus as most of .405 officers and employees have been found prima facie guilty and served with show-cause notices including 50 Grade I and II suspended immediately and action will be taken against the remaining officials within a month, have already either got retired or relived from the jobs as there is undue delay in the taking the action on the irregularities in the Vidarbha packages came to light in 2007 and a committee headed by Gopal Reddy, director of V.P. Naik Mission for Farmers, was appointed and submitted its report in 2008, which was tabled before the legislature in march 2009 and concerned officials were served with show-cause notices in the matter in November last year.

‘If relief packages would have given any aid to dying farmer west vidarbha would not have reported more than 5000 innocent cotton farmers suicides even after the announcement of relief packages since July 2006 .this is mass genocide of farmers after corrupt ministers took decisions of siphoning off funds amounting Rs.5000 crore and all misdeeds figured in CAG and PAC reports and we have submitted the facts on affidavit to India Prime Minister but shown the dustbin .around 3 million vidarbha farmers are the grip agrarian crisis and are being forced to commit suicide due to distress but hostile administration failed to provide them food security and health security even after expert committees recommended ,this is much more disturbing hence we demand the main culprit minister should be booked and punished’Tiwari repeated the demand.


mahamads82 said...

Amount should be recover by the officers whose are involved in this corruption case.

Hang till the death to all 50 officers

Galaxy4u said...

Publish list of 50 officers. Even if they take back door entry, they should remain as black spot in the society. And the "Tagya" downfall is for sure, in days to come.