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Indian cotton farmers lost more than Rs.20,000 crore due to ban on cotton export

Indian cotton farmers lost more than Rs.20,000 crore due to ban on cotton export

NAGPUR 30th May 2011

The complete apathy of Indian Govt. towards Indian cotton farmers has resulted in record heavy financial losses incurred due to wrong export policy to the tune of more than Rs.20,000/-as per initial estimate may increase further if corrective steps are not taken immediately as 33 million bales produced this year India farmers and local traders got the price which less than 30% of prevailing international price that time and now after the prices crashed in the middle of April this year .

“The undue delay in decision and panic of further price downward correction in farmers and local traders has already done the damaged any corrective step of relaxing further export cap will only benefit market manipulator as it was part of conspiracy planed and strategic move by Textile Minister Dayanidhi Maran to protect financial textile lobby and get the cotton bales cheaper rate ,has done damaged to and more than 1 billion cotton farmers in cotton growing state of India that include Mahrashtra,Gujrath,Andhra,Punjab,Rajthan ,Karnataka,M.P. and central Govt. should provide bail out pakage to the farmers to suffered heavy losses due wrong export policies of central Govt.” Kishore Tiwari of Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti (VJAS) demanded today.

“The year of record cultivation of cotton in 11 million hectors and record yield of 33 million cotton bales has been year record financial losses as most of the year Indian cotton growers were forced to sale 30% cheaper than international market due to export cap of 55 lakhs bales when as per official estimate it was clear that additional 60 lakhs bales surplus in India as against domestic requirement of 220 lakhs bales but it was PMO and textile ministry kept uncertainties and not allowed to increase additional export since February 2011 lastly even after the frequent intervention of Agriculture Minister by writing the letters directly to Indian prime minister since 8th April 2011 ,chief ministers of Maharashtra, Gujarat ,Andhra and Karnataka along with more than 110 M.P.s joined by Cotton Association of India (CAI) , The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) and farm activist from all over India lastly by national political parties including CONG.,NCP and BJP but textile ministry controlled by touts managed to keep the cap of 55 lakhs cotton bales as against the last year export of 84 lakhs cotton bales intact resulting the farmers who are holding the stock till Monday to sale it in throw away price as monsoon is coming all procurement centre are declared that that last week was last week of procurement resulting accumulated net losses more the Rs.20,000 crore to more than 10 million cotton growers and local traders that has added further gloom and despair to dying cotton growing agrarian community inviting much more farm suicides in near future , Tiwari urged .

“We welcome the assurance given by Textile Minister Dayanidhi Maran to Gujarat congress delegation who met on 19th may pressing hard demand increase in Cotton export quota and it was reported that quoting Gujarat Congress’s statement, the delegation demanded approval of 1.5 million bale export of Cotton which “was accepted by Textile Minister Dayanidhi Maran and he was to call Cotton Advisory Board’s meeting to give legitimate permission for additional export of 15 lakh bale but it hoax as till date CAB meeting has not being called moreover in between PMO issued the statement supporting the action of textile ministry to put export restriction on cotton bales, cotton yarns and even on cotton west that’s clear indication of having textile nexus with PMO too ,we are victim wrong policies of UPA and NDA as it is first time free import started after lifting import restrictions in 2004 even WTO deadline was 2008 by then NDA Govt. at the centre which allowed record 200 lakhs bales at much cheaper price than domestic market inviting thousands of farm suicides and now imposition of export restrictions are killing the cotton farmers hence we need economical protection to distress cotton farmers as given by USA” Tiwari added.

“Cotton prices have increased from Rs 30000/candy in April 2010 to Rs 60000/candy April 2011 which is an increase of about Rs 70-75 per kg and immediately Spinners increased the price of yarn from Rs 150/- per kg in April 2010 for 30s combed to Rs 230/- per kg in April 2011. Increase of Rs 80 per kg which reflects in cotton value to Rs 30000/per candy minimum. Fabric weavers too have increased prices of grey fabric of 40 x 40 counts 124 x 64 with 200 gm per mtr which is quoted at about Rs 70/- per sqmtr as against Rs 38 in April 2010. There is an increase of Rs 32/mtr which is Rs 160/- per kg which in terms of candy is about Rs 60000 and present ban on export has brought back cotton prices to the level of April 2010 which is artificial an stage managed and Union Textile Minister Dayanithi Maran is directly involved in this scam ” Tiwari added.

‘Maharashtra farmers are agitating since October 2010 for lifting of export ban on cotton now same demand is being echoed nationally but strong textile lobby is not allowing the rightful much needed decision is taken and they till lobbying hard to avoid official permission the additional export of cotton bales is granted and silent of PMO is much more irritating hence we have knocked the door of UPA convener Smt.Sonia Gandhi but nothing has resulted as on today” Tiwari added.

‘We need the urgent central intervention and demand to lift all export restriction of cotton bales and yarn too so that farmers get higher price to cotton ‘’Tiwari urged.

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