Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Vidarbha farm widows to watch special screening “Stanley ka Dabba”

Vidarbha farm widows to watch special screening “Stanley ka Dabba”

Nagpur -11 May 2011

Deepa Bhatia, editor and co-producer of Amole Gupte's film “Stanley ka Dabba” who has earlier directed documentary “Nero’s Guest”, a story about India's farmer suicides and the growing vidarbha agrarian crisis and it’s impacts on pathetic and dying condition of thousands vidarbha farm widows has received block booking on the first day of release of movie when hundreds vidarbha farm widows and their kids will watch movie on 13 May as matter of surprise .

“In fact Deepa Bhatia has sent all fund collected through the sale of video cassette of documentary “Nero’s Guest” and more than Rs. 5 lakhs was received as relief aid to dying vidarbha farm widows and I was deeply moved when received Rs.25,000 cheque last week as special help for daughter marriage due on 18th may and there are more dozen of us who received help from Deepa Bhatia for our daughter’s marriage or for education hence we are very much delighted to see ‘Deepa Didis’ fist family movie ” Bebitai Bais president vidarbha farm widows association (VFWA) informed today in press release.

We are also appealing the Indian movie viewer society to this heart loving child emotion’s story ,Bebitai added.

“The response is exactly opposite to Amir’s movie ‘Peepli-live” even when Amole Gupte's film producer of “Stanley ka Dabba” is closely associated with the Amir’s movies like ‘Tare Jamin par” due to very close association and affection with hundreds vidarbha farm widows when they moved from 2006 to 2009 to produce documentary “Nero’s Guest”. this is fact that even when Amir Khan has made more than Rs.100 crore from farmers suicide issue showing in very bad taste has not given single paisa to any of ten thousands dying vidarbha farm widows more agony of Amir’s concern over farmer’s on going suicide reflects when ugly truth that he has not even today single farm widows families ”kishore tiwari vidarbha farm activist added in press release.

“we are making special arrangement to bring all widows to near by cinema hall to seren movie “Stanley ka Dabba” for the vidarbha farm widows and their kids .we are also appeals vidarbha school principals to have block booking when the news of Cinemas have already started getting block booking enquiries as the principals of several schools across the country want their students to see Fox Star Movies Stanley Ka Dabba directed by Amole Gupte. It's a fantastically charming film, beautifully performed by Amole Gupte and the young boy Partho. It's a real side of the life that we don't see because children put up resilient, happy and shining faces. But behind those faces is a story like this often in the urban cities of India. Clearly Amole has a real pulse of children. This is a new visual idiom hence we are fascinated to see” Tiwari Said


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