Friday, November 25, 2011

Vidarbha farm activist lobbying at delhi-failed to get appointment of UPA convener smt.sonia Gandhi

Vidarbha farm activist lobbying at delhi-failed to get appointment of UPA convener smt.sonia Gandhi
New Delhi-26th November 2011
Vidarbha farmers who has dashed new delhi to update the pathetic situation of cotton soyaben farmers failed to get appointment of smt.sonia Gandhi as she was busy in parliaments and sources informed VJAS activist Kishor Tiwari that they will get official appointment by next week only forcing them to stay at capital.
Farm activist met with wardha M.P. Dutta meghe at his 81 lodhi estate residence and brief him the demands of vidarbha farmers and urgent need of redressal.he also tried to get appointment with hon,ble prime minister and union agriculture minister but as Dr.Manmohansingh is busy in preoccupied schedule and Sharad Pawar is out of station failed to get time for meeting and he also suggested that next all vidarbha M.P. will joined take up issue for requisite bailout package for Maharashtra farmers,Tiwari said.
Kishor Tiwari while briefing media alleged official policies for the increasing number of farmer suicides across the country, farm activists have demanded immediate government intervention to support farmers. State policies on agriculture are often equally absurd forcing farmers to commit suicide. “The policies promote wrong cultivation practices in rain-fed areas such as encouraging crops dependant on rain,”
“We can’t term them suicides; they’re policy-driven victims of the state. We want policies which let the farmers live,” he added. Parliament and civil society groups urged for setting up Parliamentarians Forum on Agrarian Crisis immediately to voice the distress of farmers at the highest possible level’’Tiwari said
“Vidarbha farmers are in urgent need of help because of crop failure and the government should provide relief without delay. Now there is no question of raising MSP at this stage as small and needy farmers have already sold 50% of produce. So a cash subsidy of Rs 20,000 per hectare for cotton and Rs15, 000 for soya be paid to farmers to compensate for 40% loss of crop this year," he said

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