Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Maha. Govt. failed to save vidarbha farmers –Hundred of farm Vidarbha widows,Tribal observed ‘Maharashtra Day’ as ’Black-Day

Maha. Govt. failed to save vidarbha farmers –Hundred of  farm Vidarbha widows,Tribal observed ‘Maharashtra Day’ as ’Black-Day 

Nagpur-1st MAY 2013

"Even  after Govt. official  survey identified more than  4 million distressed farmers and all panels recommendations to provide food security,health care and healing support ,Maharashtra Govt. failed to protect more than 10,000 cotton farmers who killed themselves after 2005 in on going agrarian crisis ,we demand separate state of vidrabha to stop on going cotton farmers genocide which result state wrong policies and apathy toward  region hence this resolution" informed KBC fame Aparna Malikar  convener vidarbha farm widow association in protest rally at pandharkawada in yavatmal district known epicentre of vidrabha farmers suicide along with   prominent farm widows  bebitai bais ,bharati pawar,archana raut, nanda bhandare ,chandrakala meshram ,indu ashtekar and saraswatibai ambarwar and hunderds others who joined one day fast  as mark of protest as black day 

' Today to  draw the attention of prevailing distress and despair among 5 million farmers and tribal due to continuous neglect apathy of Govt. creating massive imbalance of development resulting Vidrabha as farmer suicide graveyard ,hundreds of farm widows, debt trapped cotton farmers, malnourish tribal facing starvation and dying unwed tribal mother will observe  1st May which is celebrated in Maharashtra as it’s formation day “Maharashtra Divis” as the Black day by keeping one day fast at Pandharkawada one of epicenter of on going farmer suicides as Govt. is neglecting the basic demands of cotton farmers who are killing themselves due to wrong policies  promoted congress leadership dominated western Maharashtra , informed farm activist Kishore Tiwari of Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samiti (VJAS).
“Maharashtra leadership dominated western Maharashtra NCP party has been diverting fund for developments since vidarbha region has been merged with Maharashtra but now they have started diverting food and kerosene quota allotted to the region .last two years 60% kerosene quota  of  Vidarbha reduced  same is the case for food available under PDS has been directed to the districts of  western Maharashtra which highly objectionable and unjustified.  The basic demands food, employment, irrigation facility, health care and professional education to every needy at cheaper rate are not being attended hence this unrest and protest to draw focus of Govt. on last 52 years imbalance of progress and regional backlog resulting mass genocide of vidarbha dry land farmers as all relief packages failed solve the burning issues of vidarbha .Since June 2005 vidarbha farmers and farm widows have been subjected for the trial on committees over committees and it started with visit national farmers commission headed by Dr.M.S.Swaminathan followed by special expert team of planning commission in 2006 and then median  visit of Indian Prime Minister Dr.Manmohansingh and relief package of Rs.3750/- crore but relief never reached to dying farmers and farm widows then visit of Indian Prez. and another expert committee of planning commission member Dr. Narendra Jadhav who submitted detail report of vidarbha agrarian crisis in 2007 and suggested hundreds of remedies and relief plans which are gathering dust in Mantralaya awaiting it's implementation  then 2008 mega loan waiver Rs.56,000 crore which was siphoned out by politicians and then visit of Indian prince Rahul Gandhi to Yavatmal to discover Kalavati  and then CAG and PAC submitted detail report Massive corruption in all relief packages and irrigation scam but all involved Ministers in corruption are safe as Maharashtra insensitive Govt. is protecting at cost of innocent victimization of cotton farmers’ who are forced to kill themselves due wrong policies of state and step motherly treatment to vidarbha region hence we have lost all hope in existing Govt. hence demand of  separate vidarbha statehood is being raised so that people can decide their own density ” Kishor Tiwari farm activist announced in the protest rally.

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