Saturday, July 20, 2013

ShivSena’s ‘No’ to separate Vidarbha is unfortunate Now BJP should come clean on Issue-VJAS

ShivSena’s  ‘No’ to separate Vidarbha is unfortunate Now BJP  should come Clean on Issue-VJAS

Nagpur, Jul 21,2013

Kishore Tiwari President of Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samiti (VJAS), an activity group working for farmer ad tribal welfare today termed Shivsena supreme Udhav Thakare's opposition to creation of  vidarbha state in PC at Delhi on Friday  as :Unfortunate" and  demanded that the BJP who is backing separate Telangana should declare its National Policy on Vidarbha in light with recent SS provocation on issue.
‘When Shivsena failed to keep it’s own party unified ,now Udhav Thakare’s stand on unified Maharashtra is most unwanted as it's matter of masses of region to decide their future and Thakare’s brothers can’t decide fate of more 2 core Marathi Manus who are denied food ,shelter, education, employment  and health cares where farmers killing themselves @ 8 hourly and malnourished tribal’s are dying  due starvation ,the region has been graveyard and some of places are worst than Somalia hence we request Thakare brothers to review their stand over separate vidrabha   to save Marathi Manus illumination process’ Tiwari urged.

 ‘It is fact that all 11 districts of  vidarbha are till under the severe grip of Agrarian Crisis coupled massive natural calamities , tribal starvation deaths followed by the organized exploitation of illiterate farmers at the hands of unscrupulous moneylenders and the opposition is sharing power with Congress-NCP but Thakare’s brothers are not even asking their parties  raise these issue in legislative houses and  SS is salient over 84 thermal power plants projects of private energy producers proposed to come up vidarbha and massive backlog of development in all fields v.i.z. Irrigation,Industrialization,Health Services etc hence Udhav Thakare’s sympathy and concern toward the farmers in the vidarbha is nothing but a crocodile’s tear’ Tiwari said .
“BJP is keeping salient over vidrabha and backing the formation of Telangana when they have passed resolution of separate vidrabha in National executive decade ago hence  we therefore, demand on behalf of the debt-ridden farmers and farm widows of Vidarbha that the BJP high command make public its national policy on vidrabha statehood ”Tiwari added.

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