Friday, January 3, 2014

Vidarbha consumers protest Aadhaar-based DBT and Nationalized Bank Account condition

Vidarbha consumers protest Aadhaar-based DBT 
and Nationalized Bank Account condition
Nagpur 3rd January 2014
Even  the Supreme Court’s (SC’s) is his  interim order on Aadhaar 23rd September last year directed Govt.of India not to make  the unique identity number mandatory for domestic cooking gas subsidy ,oil companies are still going ahead with its time bound plan making natiliased bank account kinked with UID Aadhar card compulsory is being protested by rural vidarbha consumers  as Aadhar Card is not being made available even they are paying more than Rs.500 and waiting for months together moreover nationalized banks are asking minimum Rs.1000 for opening account hence majority of consumers in tribal rural part of region are being deprived of the subsidy hence they are demanding that the direct benefit transfer (DBT) scheme for delivery of subsidized cooking gas should given with consumer connection details and existing local cooperative bank or post account with UID and nationalized bank stringent condition ,kishore tiwari of activist group Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti VJAS informed in press release  today .
“In rural part the private payers who have been authorized by Govt. to issue UID Aadhar card has made mockery of process as there is no rules and accountability and people are charged more than Rs.500 moreover there are not getting cards even after six month of waiting more over nationalized banks in rural part of India are asking for Rs.1000 as minimum amount for opening the account and KYC norms documentation as per RBI guidelines which is not possible for majority of tribal and debt trapped farmers hence more than 70% consumers have failed to complete formalities and will not covered under   direct benefit transfer (DBT) scheme for delivery of subsidized cooking gas, forcing them to buy from open market hence we are asking union Govt. direct benefit transfer (DBT) scheme can be done without UID Aadhar card and it can be transferred in local rural bank account or post account very easily hence this request ”Tiwari added. .
‘When there is relief by the Supreme court on its  23 September order which has directed  the government not  make Aadhaar numbers mandatory for availing the benefits of government services and subsidies, including Aadhaar-based DBT is aimed at crediting government welfare payments and subsidies directly to the bank accounts of beneficiaries as there are around 140 million cooking gas customers in the country ,we are till confused why UID Aadhar card compulsion when it is not having any constitutional status and not governed by any law of the made by parliament hence such instruments being created valid ID with an executive order of babus which is being distributed in a haphazard way crating more scope for corruption and misdeeds needs to stopped without further delay’ Tiwari added.  

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