Tuesday, January 14, 2014

VJAS urge AAP to clear its stand on Neo-Globalization and GM Seed

VJAS urge AAP to clear its stand on Neo-Globalization and GM Seed
Nagpur-15th Jan 2014
After getting mass base support in Delhi then congress supported AAP to step in to corridor of power in NCR assembly, as per Indian media reports AAP is getting support to play very key role in National Election 2014 to change the rotten system of corrupt traditional politics of all national parties hence AAP which has taken major pro-people decision of  free water and subsidies power now major decision has come to ban FDI in retail in NCR which has forced lot of activist group after NAPM led by Medha Patkar supported the AAP to urge AAP to clear on free-trade, globalization and  complete ban on GM seed and food as these are policies mainly responsible for more than 2 lacs fifty thousand innocent farmers  since 1995 after India singed GATT and started adopting the policies forced by World bank and WTO ,AAP economic stand on these issue is must, Kishor Tiwari  of Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti (VJAS) advocacy group 3 million cotton farmers who are in debt and despair and committing suicides   informed in press release.
AAP icon Arvind Kejriwal visited farm suicide hit west-vidarbha in 2012 and blamed political corruption is only reason of cotton farmers suicides and anti-graft regulator is the only solution to the agrarian crisis but that argument was not digested by many agrarian experts and not taken seriously but now AAP has been projected as National alternatives   to UPA-NDA who supporting neo-globalization, free trade and have allowed MNCs take over control over water, food and in process to grab control over land too through private participation and these anti-farmer policies one hand forcing the thousands of farmers to kill themselves and other hand Govt. talks about second green revolution with help of American genetically engineered technology hence AAP should come out with clear stand on these anti-farmers policies promoted UPA-NDA ,hence this appeal, Tiwari added.

‘one hand the success of AAP has upset political equation of traditional political parties who were busy in accumulating their own wealth at the cost of common man basic needs of water, food, shelter, education and health care ,at the same time it has given hope to the thousands of small activist groups working for stopping farmers genocide and tribal starvation death ,that youth of the country has set up their mind to revolt and change the rusted political system and they are going throw way all corrupt leaders in dustbin by replacing sensitive, accountable and pro-deprived masses Govt. and NAPM decision must be in line with this optimism hence AAP should come out with vision draft of integrated-economic-growth model targeted 90% poor who are innocent victims of present corrupt political system hence these appeals, Tiwari said.

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