Tuesday, August 19, 2014

PM’s first Visit: Dying ‘Vidarbha’ demands Acche Din

PM’s first Visit: Dying ‘Vidarbha’ demands Acche Din
Nagpur-August 20, 2014
Indian Prime minister is visiting ‘Vidarbha’ on 21 August tomorrow ,most backward and neglected region on Maharashtra ,has been epicenter of cotton farmers suicides and tribal starvation deaths ,is being urged to announce the sustainable holistic relief plan to address  ‘vidarbha crisis’ as unseen drought and prevailing crisis food, water, fodder and rural despair has completed dashed the dream of   ‘Achhe Din’  as main demands of distressed cotton farmers of introducing Modi’s election promise formula of minimum support price (MSP) that investment plus 50% profit and fresh bank crop loan to the debt trapped dry land farmers has been skipped in union budget  ,drawing PM attention to the fact that 3,146 distressed farmers ending their lives last year, Maharashtra has topped the list of farmland suicides in the country, Citing the latest National Crime Records Bureau report, Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samiti (VJAS) chief Kishore Tiwari said there have been 60,768 farmers' suicides in the state since 1995.

"As these are not mere suicides or homicides. It is a genocide perpetrated by the wrong policies of the state government over the years, especially the last 15 years' rule of Congress-Nationalist Congress Party now PM who promised to bring to change bad days of gloom and despair has to change Govt. policies in order to stop innocent farmers genocide ," Tiwari urged PM .

PM is visiting agrarian crisis and farm suicide prone region of Indian state Maharashtra where    at least 22 districts mostly in Vidarbha and Marathwada regions, have had little or no rainfall during the peak sowing season of June-August,Consequently, in most areas two rounds of seeding went waste and in other areas even third seeding was lost as rains continued to elude these regions, pushing the farmers into further distress, hence we are urging PM Modiji to announce special relief package as healing touch to dying farmers and trabals " Tiwari said.

Several expert panels and committees have studied the situation in Vidarbha and concluded that unpredictable rains with intermittent dry or wet droughts lead to crop failures, single crop only, poor awareness of agronomics, and lack of proper farm credit availability lead to an increased hold of private moneylenders, which leads to suicides, hence there are very high hopes millions of distressed farmers and starving tribal that when PM Modiji is visiting region for the first time after making PM ,he should give healing touch to dying vidarbha by announcing road map of his NDA Govt. to address vidarbha poverty ,hunger and despair ,Tiwari added. 

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