Wednesday, July 5, 2017

NITI Aayog to discuss Agrarian crisis with States farmer's Commissions

NITI Aayog to discuss Agrarian crisis with States Farmer's Commissions

Dated -6th July 2017

When farmers in India are on street  demanding higher prices for farm produce and bailout Package on mounting debt for institutional banks and BJP ruled states U.P. and Maharashtra has already announced Rs.75 thousand crore  mega farm loan waiver to arrest on going farmers suicides now NITI Aayog is consulting farmers commission of UP ,Maharashtra ,Kerala  ,Karnataka ,Punjab ,Hariyana on 8th July 201 at Delhi to discuss issues related input output regulations and other serious issues of serve  agrarian  crisis  to fix PM Narendra Modi agenda  of doubling the farmers income in next seven years .this crucial meeting will be chaired by Prof.Ramesh Chand ,member (Agriculture ) ,informed  today    by  farm activist and chairman of Maharashtra Farmers mission Kishor Tiwari who is participating to highlight plights of vidarbha and marathwada  farmers where maximum farmers suicides are reported in the world since 1997 .
"when  RBI and NABARD has already shifted it responsibility mega farm  loan waiver  to states asking them take burden of loan waiver asking them to mobilize them resources for the same creating new era fiscal mismanagement ,we will ask NITI Aayog for intervention and discuss long term sustainable solutions for farmers suicide prone areas which have a large area under rain fed conditions and unfortunately, the monsoon behavior has been very erratic and farmers have been facing the problems of severe drought for the past few years. Fortunately, there is a bumper crop  this year, but farmers are not satisfied with the procurement price "Tiwari added 

Farm loan waivers, though temporarily necessary for the revival of farming, do not provide conditions for a secure credit system in the long term. The waiver of loans implies that banks will have to be compensated by the government for the amount involved. This means that large sums of money, which could have otherwise gone to strengthen the agricultural infrastructure in irrigation, secondary support business in rural economy, local value addition projects and research activities such as seed production, soil health enhancement and plant protection, will not be available hence we are asking for long term farm credit system ,Tiwari said 
This year Maharashtra has shown higher productivity with multiple cropping pattern and serious efforts for local value addition to biomass and crop-livestock irrigation has shown very good result ,started  Prime Minister Narendra Modi revolutionary agenda of providing  improved seeds,giving soil health cards, agricultural credit system reforms, improved crop insurance, focusing  primary production of all food grains, pulses, oil-seeds, fruits and vegetables and providing facilities for  their storage, milling, processing, packaging and distribution   at village level ,Tiwari added.
"I will try to meet PM & Finance minister along with my friends in the Indian cabinet Nitin Gadkari,Suresh Prabhu and Prakash Javdekar to get central special package for vidarbha and marathwada dying farmers "Tiwari said.

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