Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Vidarbha Farmers and Tribal urged Mah. Legislators to discuss serious issues of Region

Vidarbha Farmers and Tribal urged Mah. Legislators to Discuss serious issues of Region

Nagpur-9th December 2012
First three days of most awaited Nagpur winter session has gone without any work and now all MLAs are set go back home and remaining legislators and babus  has already booked  near by resort near National Parks for enjoyments even in non working late night birthday parties are going on but most serious issue of cotton, soybean  and paddy  farmers and dying tribal are not being discussed moreover we are surprised that the agenda of opposition does not reflect issues of massive crop failure, land-water diversion and ill management MGNRGA ,NRHM ,ITDS,ICDS  and state Govt. plan to tackle the failure of  Crop, Cost and credit coupled with power projects congestion and tribal malnutrition hence thousands farm widows, distressed dying farmers of  vidarbha urging all legislators to discuss issue in house and come out bailout package to stop on going farmer suicides and tribal starvation in the vidarbha informed  Kishore Tiwari of farm advocacy group Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti today.
“Winter session being held in Nagpur so that core issues of vidarbha are discussed but now days it has been made mockery by all parties and issues are discussed more out side than in the house .The very serious issue of failure of all packages given in the name of debt trapped dying farmers is being in cashed for media focus but relief like food security, health and educational help to victims of agrarian crisis ,moreover basic issues of farm widows and family members of farmers who committed suicide  are neither solved nor even discussed in the house even after all panels all recommended the relief, we are optimistic that remaining days of already curtailed session will have time to discuss the crore issues of backward region” Tiwari added

Maharashtra financial survey followed Budget 2011-12 officially admitted more than 15% negative growth in Agriculture sector    which has badly lowered down GDP growth of Maharashtra is likely report record more than 20% minus negative growth as crops cotton , soybean, pluses , sugarcane and paddy  in more than 9 million hector have reported failure that is very serious issue before state but Scams have overshadow that main crisis state  , this will fuel  financial bankrupt state which debt is above 2 lakhs crore hence we demand status report from Maharashtra Govt. over issue and will press the demand for the same in Nagpur winter session to get bail out package for dying farmers informed , Tiwari added.

"The agrarian crisis related Cost-Crop-Credit has furthered widen to issues of land-water-ecological disorder due to hostile function of Maharashtra CM Prathviraj chavan who failed to give any relief dying vidarbha region moreover crisis has been spread to  Marathawada,  Khandesh and  north Maharashtra too.last year some districts shown positive growth but they under severe drought this year more over for the first time, Maharashtra has officially admitted that cotton yield is likely to reduce by nearly 40%. Bt cotton failure in more than 4 million hectares of land has reduced cotton yield from 3.5 million quintal to 2.2 million quintal. the report sent by the state agricultural department to the Centre states that the estimate of the net direct economic loss to cotton farmers in the state will be nearly Rs6,000 crore, whereas accumulated losses are likely to cross more than Rs20,000 crore due to a steep rise in cultivation costs' Tiwari said .

“We demand a compensation of Rs20,000 per hectare and fresh crop loans for every farmer for the ensuing kharif season. We also want food security and free health education, along with the implementation ofland development, soil enrichment and watershed development under Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act,” he said.

He appealed to the government not to mock the farmers. “We hope the state relief packages actually help farmers this time instead of just benefiting contractors, politicians and Multinational agro majors like it has in the past.”


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