Thursday, December 20, 2012

Yavatmal Tribals demands Liquor Ban along with Chandrapur Annoncement

Yavatmal Tribals demands Liquor Ban along with Chandrapur  Announcement

Nagpur-20th December 2012

Maharashtra Govt.’s proposed to make ‘Wardha-Gadchiroli-Chandrapur’  make liquor free zone by imposing liquor ban in chandrapur  district  has been has been welcomed by more than 3 million tribals of Yavatmal District which is known as farmer suicide epicenter of India facing very serious problem of tribal starvation and malnutrition has urged Maharashtra chief minister to include  Yavatmal district in that proposed liquor free zone as more than  record sale of 40 million liters per annum is  reported  from 2 million liters in 2005 ,mostly being exported to adjoining  Wardha  and Gadchiroli district hence liquor ban in these three district can only be successful  if such ban is imposed is Yavatmal district too and this is long pending demand of  majority of tribals and thousands of SHGs have already raised this demand by marching district collector Yavatmal in 2010 and were told that Yavatmal liquor ban decision will be taken along with chandrapur but todays GOM meeting  chaired by Home Minster  R.R.Patil concerned ministers Shivajirao Moghe and Dipli Walse Patil   has not even considered Yvatmal for discussion hence we are urging chief minister for intervention ,Kishor Tiwari of Vidarbha Jandolan Samiti (VJAS)  informed in press release today.

“As all liquor mafia are closely associated with congress party in Yavatmal  ,the decision to ban liquor ban is differed but if majority of liquor is being exported to these dry district which is also tribal dominated and much more crisis driven then such dry zone creation will be futile exercise hence inclusion of most needed Yavatmal  district is must will help state to have foolproof success such most waited move moreover this will help to lower down on going distress in crisis driven farmers who are killing themselves due crop failure and mounting debt hence this demnd” Tiwari added.

We are urging Maharashtra chief minister to look in to ground issues related to the demand of adding Yavatmal along with chandrapur which is overdue to see that integrated social engineering issues of tribal area are targeted in one stroke other wise after chandrapur we will  force the govt. to enforce same   logic and vision to take decision of making dry zone or liquor free hence we expect justice from Maharashtra Govt. hence this urgent appeal, Tiwari said.

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