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Maharashtra Farmer’s Demand to hike cotton MSP @Rs.6000 Rejected

Maharashtra  Farmer’s  Demand  to hike cotton MSP @Rs.6000  Rejected  
Nagpur-28th June  2013
The day fater NCRB ,crime data registery of Indian Govt. has given farmers suicides fiougres confriming that cotton growing maharashtra has reported maximum farmers suicides in 2012 as it was case in earlier 5 years  now today  the uninon  Agriculture Ministry on the recommendations of the Commission for Agriculture Costs and Prices (CACP) rejecting state Govt. proposal  and 5 million maharashtra cotton farmers deamnd to hike minimum support prices (MSP) of vidrabha’s main cash cotton, soybean and paddy has given rejected is another blow to debt trapped dying five million vidarbha farmers who are under severe agrarian crisis and committing suicides due to prevailing distress & despair as CACP final hike for cotton of Rs.100 paddy and Rs.320  to soybean and Rs.450 to tur which is peanut as per prevailing uncontrolled hike in input  and labor cost  and exorbitant interest amount paid debt trapped vidrabha farmers as 90% are being forced to take crop loan from private moneylenders or financial institutes hence Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti has requested  with union Govt.  to relook  CACP MSP fixed for 2013 and revised it to for   cotton @Rs.6000/-,soyabean@Rs.4000/-,pluse(Tur) @Rs.5000/- and paddy @Rs.2000 per quintal in order to avoid  another spiral farm suicides in west vidrabha where main cash crop is cotton,Tur and soybean, informed  Kishore Tiwari of VJAS in letter to Indian Prime Minister Dr.Manmohansingh .
‘We are shocked as farmers were expecting realastic  minimum support price for main cash crop like cotton and soyabean in this election year 2013-14 but Babus and corporates have over powered the politicians this decision will certainly hammer long term prospect  of UPA in forth coming elections but unfortunate part that NDA has no time to focus the core issues of  indian rural economy allowing the agrarian crisis to spread over the other part of india ’ Tiwari added.
Here is final table of MSP 2013-14
MSP 2010-11
MSP 2011-12
MSP 2012-13
MSP 2013-14

‘Earlier in may ther was a time  time for state intervention when The Agri.Ministry has sought views of state governments on the issue and has circulated a Cabinet note among various ministries recommending MSP to get minimum support prices (MSP) corrected as per formula set by Commission for Agriculture Costs and Prices (CACP) which is consider complete cultivation cost, all overheads for cultivation, average market price, and added to it profit for farmers but  maharashtra Govt. failed to correct the MSP of cotton and soyaben   resulting    Commission for Agriculture Costs and Prices (CACP) to govt. ahed with it’s recommemdations whre farmers are  left with mercy of market forces and CACP has protected  private corporate and market traders  hence we are raising issue distressed and debt tarpped 5 million vidrabha farming community which are victim economic recession after WTO free trade policies by the UPA hence are saved from on going farmers genocide ’ Tiwari added.

‘These is minimal hike tomain cashcrop like cotton and soyaben is result complete apathy of all political parties who are very keen to start  agitation demanding the  hike the MSP at the time of arrival of crop but CACP says they can’t change the MSP at this stage hence this right time for all political parties and activist group working farmers to take up issue of cotton and souyaben MSP isuee otherwise  farmers are likely to be  subjected to market expolilatation forcing them off load cash in throw away prices forcing them to suicide and this genocide is continued since 2002 after India adopted open trade policy hence we are urging Govt. Protest Indian farmers but our demands are ingonred all the time ’ Tiwari added.

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