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17 More Aid Starved Vidarbha Farmers suicide in last Five Days–Maharashtra Hailstorm Affected Region crosses 100 mark.

17 More Aid Starved Vidarbha Farmers suicide in last Five Days–Maharashtra Hailstorm Affected Region crosses 100 mark.
Vidarbha -24th March 2014
As many as 17  farmers have committed suicide in agrarian crisis hit vidarbha in last five days  and  after Hailstorms unseasoned rain started havoc since 25th feb. vidarbha alone farm suicide figure has crossed 36  moreover Marathawada reported more than 38 farm suicides and remaining   region Maharashtra has reported 35 cases taking toll to 101 as per media reports receiving from 28 of the 35 districts where  hailstorms and unseasoned rain has  destroyed  crop on over 20 lakh hectares and rural properties ,cattle losses amounting more than Rs.20,000 crore but state govt. announced the relief aid which is too low to compensate losses more over distressed farmers main demand of crop loan waiver and relief aid to tune of 50% damages have been ignored leaving farmers on the brink the  resulting on going farm suicide spiral, Kishore Tiwari of Vidarbha Janandolan Samit (VJAS) informed today .
'We have visited the families 17   farmers who have killed themselves in last five days v.i.z.
1. Shankar Gadmale of village Warud ijara in Yavatmal
2.Krishnna Wankhede of village Sakhara in Yavatmal
3.Sudharkar Potey of village Navargoan in  Yavatmal
4.Damadu Rathode of village Dattpur in Yavatmal
5.Vijay Kasture of village Bothali in Chandrapur
6.Pantyya Regudwar of village Ambe-Dhanora in Chandrapur
7.Subhash Bhogekar of village Shanapur in Chandrapur
8. abhiman i kale of village Borgoan in Chandrapur
9-vasudeo khule Padsad in Nagpur
10.suresh bhusari of village  Gangapur in Nagpur
11.vijay dhore of village Boregoan in -Nagpur
12-santosh lichade of village Kasahkheda in Wardha
13.Yogeshhwar Ladhi  of village -hiwara in Wardha
14-Raju Ghotekar of village Wadner in Wardha
15-Bhagvant Mahajan of village Dhanora in Wardha
16.Yashavant Muley of village Panchala in Wahim
17.Madhav Lanje war of village Nilagodhi  in Bhandara
and seen pathetic condition of distress farmers where even officers have not reached ,the chief secretary of Maharashtra J.S.Sahariya declared last week that  relief aid Rs.4000 crore in being disbursed but the ground the list of farmers have not been finalized ,the apathy and busy schedule of general election we are told local authorities that relief aid can only be given after election thet to farmers whose crop has been damaged more than 50% as per Govt. survey which adding more fuel to existing despair ,Tiwari added.
Hailstorms have affected 28 of the 35 districts, destroying crop on over 19 lakh hectares and leaving farmers on the brink. The rabi wheat, jowar and sugarcane have been damaged, and fruit crops including pomegranate, mango and orange and grapes affected. The State government had asked the Centre for Rs. 5,000-crore relief but centre has given Rs.865 crore which is peanut more over state Govt.a Rs.3,800-crore package for the affected is truing out to be eyewash hence we demand compensation to tune of 50% of actual loss ,complete  loan waiver in all 28 affected districts and free food ,education and health care for next 8 months ,Tiwari urged Govt.

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Satej Khadse said...

not Satej Khadse · Nagpur University
विदर्भा च्या नालायक नेट्यांनो, अaतaपर्यंन्त झोपले होता का? 1960 साली विदर्भ महाराष्ट्र मधे विलीन झाला आणि 10-15 वर्षे सत्ता विदर्भ नेत्यांच्या हाती होती,, काननामवर, वसंत नाईक, तिर्पूड़े, वानखेड़े, टिड़के, जांबुवंत, वसंत साठे, साल्वे, पुरोहित, गडकरी , मुत्तेमवार आणि बरेच नेते ,, या नेते मंडली नी काय केले, मला अठवाते जामबुवंत नी इतवारी शाहिद चौकत विदर्भा चण्डिका स्थापन केली होती आणि फुसकी विदर्भाची घोषणा केली होती , त्याचे काय झाले >>> विदर्भाच्या नेट्यांना फक्त पच्मिम महाराष्ट्र नेट्यांना खुश करायचे आहे ,, विदर्भ कारिता यांनी काहीच केले नाही, कारखाने नाहीत , सिंचन नही, रोजगार नाही,, मिहान चे उदाहरण घ्या, विदर्भाच्या बाहेर जर हा मिहान असता तर आता पर्यन्त पूर्ण झाला असता, परंतु येथील नालायक नेते मंडली ने काहीच केले नही ,, आता तेलंगाना मुळे जाग आली,,सर्व नेते मतलबी आहेत, पैसा कमवीने फक्त उधदीस्ट आहे ,,,
the leadership of vidarbha is useless,, starting from vasant naik, kannamwar, wankhede, tidke, tirpude, vasant sathe, nkp salve, purohit, mighe , jambuwant dhote, and many useless leaders of vidarbha>> what they have done for vidarbha>>nil... when I was in c p & berar school in 1967,68,69 that time , jambuwant has installed "vidarbha chandika in shahid chouk itawari" and promised to form vidarbha> then he has join congress for money and post and now again >>> NO USE , THE LEADERSHIP AND PEOPLE OF VIDARBHA ARE LIKE CHAKKE (6), & THEY WILL NOT DO LIKE TALANGANA PEOPLE/LEADERS. ,, THE LEADERS OF VIDARBHA ARE CLEANING THE A... OF WESTERN MAHARASHTRA LEADERS.... I DOn't THINK , VIDARBHA WILL BE A SUCCESS WITH THESE TYPE OF LEADERS.