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Kejriwal failed to give answers Vidarbha Farmers Questions over Economic and Political Agenda of AAP

Kejriwal failed to give answers Vidarbha Farmers Questions  over Economic and Political Agenda of AAP
Nagpur -15th march 2014
5 million relief aid starved distressed farmers failed to get healing touch for AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal as he failed to raise to demands of dying vidarbha farmers more over his complete mum over issue of giving tickets to candidates who are pursuing downright anti-poor people policies  and   his salient   high-profile and media savvy candidate Anjali Damania  allegations that several multi-crore projects partly owned by her have failed to file annual reports and involved in land grabbing activities near new Mumbai area . ," said Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samiti chief Kishore Tiwari.
‘We gave a set of 15 questions for Kejriwal on a wide spectrum of agriculture and economic issues related to the AAP's stand on universal food security. Does he support the market economy and speculative trade in agriculture? What is his stand on genetically modified food which is playing havoc with farmers? Does the AAP support a ban on toxic food items and will it challenge the monopolies of MNCs in food and agriculture?" Tiwari said.
"For instance, AAP nominee from Chandrapur Wamanrao Chatap is an ardent proponent of GM seeds, BT cotton and simultaneously opposes universal food policy. Where will that leave the poor farmers if AAP comes to power? Accusing the AAP of double-speak and hypocrisy, Tiwari said party leader Prashant Bhushan is fighting for a ban on BT cotton, while in Maharashtra, Chatap who supports corporate giants has been propped up to represent the farmers' cause in parliament. It is indeed strange that on one hand, the AAP swears to support those who pursue pro-people policies, but on the other, selects candidates who pursue diametrically opposite agenda “Tiwari asked.
AAP Nagpur candidates Anjali  Damania, who came to the limelight after she accused BJP leader and her rival for Nagpur’s Lok Sabha constituency Nitin Gadkari of not supporting her cause in opposing a project in Raigad, has raised several eyebrows after she began telling voters: “It does not matter if you do not vote for me; but don’t vote Gadkari which has sparked off a rumour in Nagpur that Damania is carrying out an agenda for Chief Minister (Prithviraj) Chavan  but Kejriwal intentionally kept questions unanswered ,Tiwari  
‘Kejriwal  issued  certificates to all leaders in vidarbha as ’Chor’ but failed to come clean on the wealth and multi-crore projects backed by Damania and serious issues also into the antecedents and ideological leanings of other AAP candidates, whereupon it has been found that some of them are hand-in-glove with genetically modified seed manufacturing companies ”,”he said.

Tiwari further argued that while most progressive and secular social activists continue to extend support to the AAP, “…The choice of candidates made by the party for the Lok Sabha polls has defeated their own agenda of promising a government of stain-free MPs hence we are disappointed”.

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