Thursday, March 6, 2014

International Women's Day: Vidarbha Farm Widows to observe 'Protest Day' to Draw Attention Ignored Plights

International Women's Day: Vidarbha Farm Widows to observe 'Protest Day' to Draw Attention Ignored  Plights 
Nagpur -7th march 2014
Hundreds of vidarbha farmers widows will  on hunger strike observing it as ‘protest day’ against continuous apathy of Govt. and law makers demanding restoration of ‘right to live’ with dignity and respect. More than 5 million farm families are under severe agrarian crisis and has lost complete crop this year due massive rain and flood. West Vidarbha region is already on international focus over on going farmers suicides since 2005..even administration has declared wet drought in the region farmers are committing suicide due forceful recovery from banks and aid starved farm families  are till not getting the basic facilities like food security ,health security and educational assistance to their wards even all committees of expert have already recommended in 2008 as the vidarbha region has-been in the grip of agrarian crisis and farmers are being forced to kill themselves due mounting debt and cotton crop failure as since June 2005 till date more than 11000 cotton farmers committees suicides as per record of NCRB but Govt. failed to provide any long term sustainable solution to the crisis hence farm widows will raise their demands for urgent relief aid, complete debt waiver to crop damaged farmers and higher MSP to cotton @ Rs.6000 per quintal,” said Kishore Tiwari of Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti (VJAS).Prominent Farm widows  who will join 8th march protest include Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) fame Aparna Malikar, Bharati Pawar, Nanda Bhandare, Bebitai Bais, Shahsikala Gatakawar, Gita Rathode, Archna Raut, Mangala Betwar, Poornima Kopulwar, Swaraswatibai Amabarwar, Anjubai Bhusari, Uma Jiddewar, Pushpa Pradhan and Rama Thamake, Tiwari added.

'The core issue of vidarbha farmers on going suicide is revolving around the crisis of crop selection, no availability of institutional credit and poor rates to cotton and soybean and issue of crop, credit and cost has been getting worst day by day which fueling more despair and distress in the on going agrarian crisis, vidarbha farmers are being forced to cultivate cash crop like BT. cotton which not sustainable to dry land farmers of region and bankers are not ready give fresh crop loan to farmers who are drought hit forcing them to take loan from private money lenders and prices of cotton and soybean is controlled by market forces and Govt. intervention is nil resulting in huge losses to agrarian community hence we want long term solution to vidarbha agrarian crisis' Tiwari added.

'Govt.failed to give family pension and food security and land rights to these more tahn 11000 farm widows and they are living in pathatic condition but till their legitimate demands are not being considered even after their continues protest which is matter of shame for all political parties' Babitai bais Vidarbha farm widows association president informed today. 

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