Thursday, March 27, 2014

Congress Manifesto disappoint vidarbha farmers and tribal

Congress Manifesto disappoint vidarbha farmers and tribal
Yavatmal-26th March 2014 
Having got very better experience with UPA-I and UPA-II ,3 million cotton farmers and 5 million tribal of Indian epicenter of farm suicide  and malnutrition hopes shattered after announcement of media hyped manifesto of congress party promising a lot but ignoring core issue of vidarbha statehood ,mechanism to address minimum support price issue of cotton and soybean ,complete crop loan waiver to farm suicide affected drought prone 33 district to small dry land farmers and special status of most backward region to vidarbha so that hardship of 2 million youth working outside vidarbha mainly in IT sector but manifesto has been salient over these issue has disappointed the people of vidarbha hence they want congress should come clean on these issues ,farm and tribal activist Kishore Tiwari of Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti (VJAS),informed in press  note .    
‘last one decade vidarbha has witnessed more than  11000 farmer suicides mostly dry land cotton farmers who are debt and facing successive crop failure hence UPA-III hence it was expected that congress  will give importance focus  to core issues to prevailing distress but nothing has been reflected in the manifesto more over tribal in vidarbha region are struggling with malnutrition and starvation and tribal fund has been diverted for the Babus salary since 1950 and Tribal are
till denied shelter,water,food and land rights and vidarbha there are more than 1000 Eng..and Polytechnic colleges since 1983 and 2 million IT professional are working outside vidarbha but   UPA manifesto failed to address this issue too hence we want congress should come clean on these issues in order to avoid humiliating defeat’ Tiwari added.

‘This is matter of nonsense for UPA give right of health…right  of  every matter on paper but they are not talking  not taking urgent step to stop vadarbha farmers genocide where right to live has been frozen since 2005 ,this is matter of shame UPA manifesto has not referred any sustainable solution to renew dead rural and agrarian economy which is victim of free trade and globalization hence we want congress should relook on these issue’ Tiwari urged.  

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Satej Khadse said...

Satej Khadse · Nagpur University
विदर्भा च्या नालायक नेट्यांनो, अaतaपर्यंन्त झोपले होता का? 1960 साली विदर्भ महाराष्ट्र मधे विलीन झाला आणि 10-15 वर्षे सत्ता विदर्भ नेत्यांच्या हाती होती,, काननामवर, वसंत नाईक, तिर्पूड़े, वानखेड़े, टिड़के, जांबुवंत, वसंत साठे, साल्वे, पुरोहित, गडकरी , मुत्तेमवार आणि बरेच नेते ,, या नेते मंडली नी काय केले, मला अठवाते जामबुवंत नी इतवारी शाहिद चौकत विदर्भा चण्डिका स्थापन केली होती आणि फुसकी विदर्भाची घोषणा केली होती , त्याचे काय झाले >>> विदर्भाच्या नेट्यांना फक्त पच्मिम महाराष्ट्र नेट्यांना खुश करायचे आहे ,, विदर्भ कारिता यांनी काहीच केले नाही, कारखाने नाहीत , सिंचन नही, रोजगार नाही,, मिहान चे उदाहरण घ्या, विदर्भाच्या बाहेर जर हा मिहान असता तर आता पर्यन्त पूर्ण झाला असता, परंतु येथील नालायक नेते मंडली ने काहीच केले नही ,, आता तेलंगाना मुळे जाग आली,,सर्व नेते मतलबी आहेत, पैसा कमवीने फक्त उधदीस्ट आहे ,,,
the leadership of vidarbha is useless,, starting from vasant naik, kannamwar, wankhede, tidke, tirpude, vasant sathe, nkp salve, purohit, mighe , jambuwant dhote, and many useless leaders of vidarbha>> what they have done for vidarbha>>nil... when I was in c p & berar school in 1967,68,69 that time , jambuwant has installed "vidarbha chandika in shahid chouk itawari" and promised to form vidarbha> then he has join congress for money and post and now again >>> NO USE , THE LEADERSHIP AND PEOPLE OF VIDARBHA ARE LIKE CHAKKE (6), & THEY WILL NOT DO LIKE TALANGANA PEOPLE/LEADERS. ,, THE LEADERS OF VIDARBHA ARE CLEANING THE A... OF WESTERN MAHARASHTRA LEADERS.... I DOn't THINK , VIDARBHA WILL BE A SUCCESS WITH THESE TYPE OF LEADERS.