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Pola Festival Three more Yavatmal Tribal Farmers’ Suicide

On Pola Festival morning Gloom and despair claims Three more Yavatmal Tribal Farmers’ Suicide   

NAGPUR: 5th September 2013

The complete apathy and failure of administrative and social system failure is being seen in tribal dominated most backward Yavatmal district where since morning three tribal farmers’ suicides reported, they are
1.Nagorao Soyam of village Pathari
2.Sadashiv Kanake of village Pimplapur
3.Mahadeo Surpam of viallge Rajurwadi

Where as on the eve of Pola farmer and has wife committed suicide as per media reports they are
4.Sarjerao Salve of khairkhed in buldhana
5.Sangita Salve of khairkhed in buldhana

POLA festival is most important of Maharashtra farming community  bur recent flood and massive crop failure has crated this pathetic condition as

Earlier this week 

6.Supari Madavi of village pimpalshenda in Yavatmal
7.Baban Kadam of village Hiwara sangam in Yavatmal
8.Dilip Thakare of village Hiwarkhed in Amaravti
9.Jagdish sahkar of village of yavatmal
10.shankar wankhede of village belora and
11.Dhanraj wankhede of village rohankhed both in Amaravati district
Are ill fated farmers who are reportedly killed themselves 

The administration and police are till tracing reasons of distress and despair in vidarbha has claimed these farmers suicide taking toll to 613 in year 2013 after heavy rain and flood damaged crop and as per reports they are

Vidarbha is in the grip of agrarian crisis and  every eight hours  one debt trapped aid starved farmer's suicide is being reported but Maharashtra  administration has turned blind eye to these innocent genocide as neither single paisa as relief aid nor the farm credit is being given even after Maharashtra chief minister Prathaviraj chavan has announced the relief package Rs.2000 crore and hostile and corrupt administration is responsible for these farm suicides , Kishore Tiwari of Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti (VJAS) informed today, urging urgent intervention of Indian Govt. to tackle very pathetic situation as state Govt. failed to give any healing touch to dying farming community, crying for food, medicine and relief aid .

Vidarbha farm suicides data
2001: 52
2002: 104
2003: 148
2004: 447
2005: 445
2006: 1,448
2007: 1,246
2008: 1,268
2009: 916
2010: 748
2011: 918
2012 : 916
2013 : (Till 5th  September —613)

VJAS to take out ‘Sanvad Yatra’ from 10th Sept.

The prevailing extreme distress needs urgent counseling of around 5 million debt trapped dying farmers who lost complete crop due massive rain and flood and now main farmer’s festivals like ‘Pola-Ganesh-Durga puja’ followed by Dasara and Diwali , despair and  existing non-communication of Govt. and administration and there is no relief of food ,medical aid and fresh bank credit ,urgent need of ground level counseling is must hence we are starting ‘Sanvad  Yatra’ covering villages where 200 farm suicide reported in last three months and group discussion ,corner meeting ,public hearing will part of this Snvad Yatra and complete ground report  with video footage will be sent to Indian Prez. ,Prime Minister and NHRC for urgent intervention, Tiwari added.  
last week we released 24 farmers list who committed suicide in Yavatmal district alone but administration has shocked media reporters when  RDC Yavatmal told them official figure of farm suicides in last three month is 58 and  146 in the year hence actua; farmers suicide figure in 11 district of vidarbha must have crossed 1000 mark as only one out of three farm suicides are being reported  if this is level of distress and despair in rural vidarbha then agrarian crisis is serious than 2006 when Indian Govt.  intervene and Prime minister visited and announced relief package Rs.3750 crore’ tiwari added.

“Most of the  farm suicides are from villages which are flood affected and flood salvaged area and collector yavatmal  district was asked visit families and to report ground truth of distress and despair forcing farmers to kill themselves by Maharashtra chief minister and to  take fresh survey of but administration and babus  have not moved out of A/C cabins and till today has not visited single family where debt trapped and aid starved farmers committed suicide    more over all survey of crop damages are being done on office table resulting  depriving  million families in yavatmal  who are flood affected  from aid who are facing heavy damages to main  crop of cotton, soya, paddy and tur in more than million hector   if apathy of administration is continued ground situation likely fuel more distress and more farm suicides  are feared if immediate central intervention is not reached to dying vidarbha’s flood hit people” Tiwari added.  

The unseen record rain in drought prone vidarbha has been creating havoc and one lac families homeless and massive damage to standing crop in an around a million hector amounting more than Rs.20,000 crore hence Maharashtra Govt. being urged to give relief to 2 crore  rain-flood hit population  of vidrabha  as flood-hit are in urgent need of food, compensation, fresh credit and medical help , Tiwari added.

Vidarbha rain-flood crisis needs integrated relief package that should address compensation crop damages to all farmers as rain is till continued  the flood victims are crying for help and property ,credit restoration and fresh crop loan to vidarbha  farmers ,food security for all effected families under antyodaya, free health services  and 100% reimbursement of  fees for higher professional education is need of the hour, Tiwari  urged Maharashtra CM but local administration ground report is not in line with crisis delaying needy help to distressed people.

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