Sunday, September 17, 2017

Maharashtra Farmer's Mission Welcomes GOI decision to lift export pluses

Maharashtra  Farmer's Mission Welcomes GOI decision  to lift export pluses 

Date-17 September 2017

Late Vasantrav Naik farmers mission for  Maharashtra and veteran farm activist  Kishore Tiwari in a letter to Indian Prime Minister  Narendra Modi welcoming his initiative to lift export ban on pluses like Tur,udid  and Mung dal as last two years net production ofTur dal  has crossed 2 million tons mark  Likewise, the production of mung beans also reached 22 to 24 lakh tonnes from 15 lakh tonnes. Kishore Tiwari expressed his view that the decision to lift the ban on pulses has made the way for export of pulses, due to which the farmers will be benefitted with this decision and they will get a good price.
Last year, even after the record production of  pulses in Maharashtra, GOI allowed the free import of so-called pluses but widely known as   Yellow beans with very less protein same time  banning the export of Indian pluses  which has caused heavy losses to Indian farmers  hence  this decision will benefit the farmers and  will get a good price  in the coming season and  sowing of pluses will be encouraged Tiwari added.
 However, Tiwari has demanded to relax the condition of seeking the approval of the  Food Production Export Development Authority, which regulates the export and import of agricultural produce.
earlier very limited export of organic pulses a Kabuli Grams is permitted only with this historic allowing free export of tur, urad and groundnut pulse is Foreign Trade Directorate which has informed, that GOI  has removed the export ban on these three pulses. Tiwari said that this decision has come into force with immediate effect and Tiwari expressed hope that farmers will be able to stabilize the prices of pulses in the country, Tiwari added
In 2004, the then BJP government as part of WTO agreement lifted quantitive restrictions on export and import of agriculture communities allowing massive import of cotton lint which has collapsed the cotton prices in domestic market resulting huge losses to cotton growers in central India resulting the start of farmers suicide spiral now lifting of free export of pluses to certainly give some relief to this dining cotton farmer community ,Tiwari said.

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