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Hundreds of cattle died after Bt.cotton Bole Eating: VJAS demands high level enquiry of livestock death

Hundreds of cattle died after Bt.cotton Bole Eating: VJAS demands high level enquiry of livestock death

Nagpur -30TH APRIL 2010

The recent deaths hundreds of livestock in tribal part of yavatmal district of cotton farmers suicide capital vidarbha after the consumed the bt.cotton boles and plants has made all toll claims of Indian council agriculture research (I.C.A.R.) that Bt.( Bacillus Thuringiensis )cotton is safe for lice stock and human being even though there are numbers reports and papers already published that toxin in the bt.cotton bole and plant is killing the animals who grazing it as ridiculous and Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samiti(VJAS) urged Indian Govt. to arrange the high level enquiry in to hundreds livestock death in bt.cotton field inlast fortnight due to bt.coytton bole poising, Kishore Tiwari president Of Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samiti (VJAS) informed in press note today. .

“I lost my young bullock just purchased in Rs.35,000/- after eating the boles of Bt (Bacillus Thuringiensis)cotton left over by the farmers who irrigation facility and due only green fodder available in such field livestock are no option to eat it and they are dying” kolam tribal farmer Govinda Atram of village hiwara in zari taluka of yavatmal district informed today .

“I am not alone 1.Ramrao Panchenwar, 2.Janga Meshram,3.Gajanan Tandulkar, 4.Shivdayal Golamwar ,.6.Vilas Atram,7.Tulsiram Mandhare, 8.Sudhakar Nellawar,9.Raju Nellawar,10.Bhagwan Bais ,Balwant Devalwar ,11.Sanjay Bolenwar,12.Kisan Madhare,13Ashok Panchgenwar ,Surendra Bais,14.Kisan Bollewar are other victims in my village alone who have lost their live stock due to bt.cotton poisoning .there are reports from village Marki ,Arthwan where facility of irrigation is there livestock death” Atram Added.

‘My bullocks got ill after consuming bt.cotton boles but immediate medical treatment given animal husbandry officers and senior veterinary doctors who agreed that it is due to grazing on harvested Bt.cotton crop residues that has toxin which is dangerous to livestock health and hundreds such death have been reported recently in yavatmal district hence we demand the high level enquiry of these incidences of live stock death due bt.cotton bole eating ’ Suresh Bolenwar local activist and cotton farmers urged the union Govt. today.

“Bt(Bacillus Thuringiensis ) cotton has been commercially released in vidarbha in June 2005, after the Government of India granted permission to Mahyco-Monsanto, to market its Bt cotton variety in India . after that more than 7500 cotton farmers have committed suicides due crop failure as this variety is rain sensitive and required irrigational facility where as 95% cotton farmers are dry land farmers but toxin which is salient feature of this bole guard variety has been under controversy due to health hazards to human body and lice stock but authorities have denied these allegations all the time moreover when issue of Bt.Bringal came up for commercial trials permission Indian council agriculture research (I.C.A.R.) and senior policy makers in environment clearance committee openly advocated the Bt(Bacillus Thuringiensis). Genetically modified technology as very safe for human being and live stock but recent death of hundreds animals have raised question mark of arguments of these authorities hence we demand high level probe to have in-depth micro analysis of these animals on deaths after grazing bt.cotton fields ” Kishor Tiwari of VJAS urged.


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