Friday, April 9, 2010

The Maharashtra proposed a Vidarbha farmer Package of Rs 7,262 crore is Hoax

The Maharashtra proposed a Vidarbha farmer Package of Rs 7,262 crore is Hoax-3 million Dying farmers need relief aid urgently not Package Show

Nagpur- April 9, 2010

“The Maharashtra government today announcement of proposed a package of Rs 7,262 crore for six districts in farmer suicide-hit Vidarbha region is another hoax as without providing any budgetary provision for it at centre and state level ,Govt. is just rubbing salt on wound of dying farmers .farmers experience with earlier prime minister and chief minister packages is very bad as they got nothing and politician ,contractors and bankers were benefited . 3 million distressed farmers need food, water, work and health care not such multi thousand crore packages” Kishore Tiwari President of Vidarbha Janaddolan Samiti informed in press release while sharply rejecting such proposal of relief as nothing is there as relief aid to the dying drought hit farmers.

While in the afternoon Maharashtra Revenue Minister Narayan Rane told the Legislative Council that hey are awaiting Centre's approval for implementing the Rs 7,262 package proposed for six districts in Vidarbha region. The Central government's response is expected within three months and the quantum of state government's contribution would be decided based on the response from the Centre.

“here more than 15000 villages are grilling under severe drought of the century and all collectors of six districts of west vidarbha are without money ,state is facing severe economic crisis and response to state appeal for relief aid is very cool hence next two month are very crucial and Govt. is saying that they expecting approval to the package in coming next three month ,it means Govt. is giving the blank sanction to the dying farmer to commit suicide till relief aid is given” Tiwari asked

VJAS also termed proposal of the state government to reconsider claims of families of farmers, who committed suicide during the last two years, for compensation as futile as earlier attempts of such reexamination was ridiculous due to very hostile approach of administration to the agrarian crisis ..

"We demand compensation to all 7400 families of farmers who committed suicide between 2004 and 2010 there should be integrated rehabilitation policy of Govt. covering complete care of food security, free education to kid ,health security, complete debt waiver ,financial assistance for daughter marriage of widows so that hardship of the farm widows are addressed Smt.Bebitai Bias president of Vidarbha Farm Widows Association (VFWA) urged the government.


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