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More than one lakh farmers attempted suicide in vidarbha since 2004 :VJAS reveals the shocking truth of Vidarbha Agrarian Crisis

More than one lakh farmers attempted suicide in vidarbha since 2004 :VJAS reveals the shocking truth of Vidarbha Agrarian Crisis

Nagpur-4th April 2010

After high court Mumbai nagpur bench asked maharashtra administration to do the professional door to door of all 2 million farm families in February 2006 and asked them to host it on website specially updating the data of vidarbha farmers suicides ,it was then first time the world has been told that more than fourteen lakhs (14,00,000) farm families of west vidarbha are distress and out of which three lakhs forty-five families are in deep distress and acute despair and on the threshold of killing themselves but after the survey nobody tracked the dying cotton farmers families reported by in deep distress by state administration and now survey done by vidarbha Janandolan Samiti(VJAS) shows that since 2004 one lakh two thousand eight hundred thirty four cases of farmers’ of family members of west vidarbha cotton farmer attempted suicide has been reported in various hospital that include Govt. medical college, district hospital, sub district hospital, cottage and rural hospital and primary health’s centers(PHCs) our of which 7359 farmers were unfortunate as they were not saved ,here is shocking data of suicide spiral of vidarbha since 2004


Number of attempts of farm suicides in vidarbha

Number of farmers reported killed in these attempts

























VJAS President kishor tiwari claimed that actual number of farmers and farmers family members are more as high numbers of attempted suicides of ladies members and girls are not even reported are more over there hundred of cases of lady farmers suicides in which they died that is also not being reported and administration is not taking them in to consideration.

“the vidarbha agrarian crisis has been too serious to look at it in one direction this is complete economic-social failure of the system that needs to be rectified from the bottom. our attempt is only to show the gravity of ground level now it is for the administration to throw light on the fact and reveal the official data to the world .it’s high time for Govt. and civil society to act in order save millions innocent west vidarbha farmers who are victims of wrong policies of economic reforms, cultivation practices and unbalanced economic growth exposing material world and uncontrolled grid .we have demanding integrated programme for socio-economic system restoration in west vidarbha but nobody is even ready to pay attention to it ”Tiwari added.

State Govt. declared drought in 15460 villages in vidarbha due to complete crop failure and declared relief measures on paper hence VJAS urged Indian Govt.’s intervention in vidarbha agrarian crisis to address the dying farmers and to provide free health care, food security, rural employment, fodder to save dying cattle ,drinking water to rural masses and cattle on priority basis so that prevailing acute distress can be minimize and farmers suicides can be controlled ,Tiwari said.

‘we are demanding to the local and central Govt. that to stop this mass genocide of innocent farmers who are victims of wrong policies promoted by state as in dry land area rain sensitive crop like Bt.cotton is being cultivated in more than 95% causing huge fibancial losses to the cotton farmers and water crisis in the area. We have demanding the ban on rain sensitive crop in this region and promotion of food crop in all rain fed area of vidarbha since 2004 but nobody is giving any attention to this serious demand resulting more and more farm suicides in the region ‘ Tiwari added.


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