Monday, April 12, 2010

VJAS Moved MHRC on Critical Illness ‘Public Health Services ’In Maharashtra

VJAS Moved MHRC on Critical Illness ‘Public Health Services ’In Maharashtra

Nagpur-April 13, 2010

Less 2 % of annual budget expenses on Public Health Services ,more than 11,000 posts vacant and accumulated backlog crossing Rs.1000 crore in last decade is the pathetic condition of Maharashtra Public Health Services which is almost on dying stages in metro hospital where as it is dead in rural part of vidarbha resulting more than 4000 malnourished children death in 2009 ,and thousands of farm suicides due to despair and distress concerning to health problems ,these are some of the facts that are shown as evidences of collapse of health services .asking Maharashtra Human Right Commission (MHRC) to direct the state Govt. for restoration of medical and health facilities in rural part of Maharashtra.

Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti (VJAS) has moved MHRC for urgent intervention as this is attributing the reason of rising death in rural areas in vidarbha region due to highly deteriorated medical facilities and public health system crumbled totally leading death of thousands of farmers and tribals ,Kishore Tiwari President of Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti(VJAS) informed in press release.

In a petition to the commission VJAS has shown the state complete apathy towards health services when in last 9 years they failed to clear health backlog of Rs.1350 crore in year 2000 that is till Rs.810 crore that mare Rs.540 Crore were provided that has been used for administrative expenses .

Maharashtra Govt. failed to increase bed capacity per lakh population in last decade where as even all central allotted funds under Indian Govt. flagship program National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) is being used by floating the guidelines of the NRHM .The condition of hospitals in rural Maharashtra is too bad to explain as all hospital without staff and medicine .

Such is mess in the health deptt. That Jeevandai Yojana that the health scheme of providing assistance in critical health problems only Rs.20 crore has been utilized as against sanction of Rs.250 crore and most of beneficiaries are local politician not the needy people who are below poverty line .private hospital who are listed under Jeevandai Yojana have stopped giving services to poor people as the our standing bills for years together has not been paid and there is massive corruption at every stage of providing health services to poor’s that has create more despair in west vidarbha region where farmers and tribal are under deep economic trouble due to on going agrarian crisis and opting the extremities hence MHRC invention is needed, VJAS petition added.

VJAS has thrown light on massive purchases of high tech equipments like ultrasound, x-ray machines, laptops, operation tables ,dental chairs for rural hospitals but none of the equipments have been used even after the 5 years of it supply .

In order to compliance the affidavit in high court, Maharashtra Govt. in the year 2008-2009 have appointed qualified doctors in rural hospitals as per requirements of NRHM but then Minister got them transferred to metro hospitals by charging huge amount of money as election fund from them resulting the condition that there is no expert doctor available in rural hospital in any part of Maharashtra, petition claimed.

VJAS urged MHRC to direct Maharashtra Govt. to provide doctors and all needed medical facilities in rural Maharashtra as per the NRHM norms and ask them publish white paper on the gloomy condition of public health services in the state which is almost dead.

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