Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Six more Vidarbha Farmers suicides reported in last 48 hours as Ministers are Busy in IPL matches and controversies

Six more Vidarbha Farmers suicides reported in last 48 hours as Ministers are Busy in IPL matches and controversies

Bt.cotton crop cultivation is responsible for Severe Water crisis in vidarbha

Nagpur-15th April , 2010

When all minister in union Govt. and maharashtra are busy in IPL cricket matches and it’s controversies ,six more drought hit farmers of vidarbha killed themselves in last 48 hours as per reports published here in regional papers .the recent victims of on going vidarbha agrarian crisis are

1.Suresh Nikame of Ugawa in Akola

2.Nathu Zade of Hadsti in Chandrapur

3.Vinod Bhure of Jawala in Yavatmal

4.Bhujangrao Lakhe of Bhakara in Akola

5.Samadhan Lakade of Dabki in Yavatmal

6.Sahebrao Sabale of Bopapur inamaravati

Maharashtra state Govt. has asked central Govt. for Rs.7262 crore special relief package for 3 million drought hit farmers of more than 15,000 villages in west vidarbha but nobody in the Delhi to follow up the state Govt. proposal resulting such gloomy situation , kishore tiwari of vidarbha janandolan samiti(VJAS) who are raising demands these distress cotton farmers since 1997 ,informed today in press release.

Day by day ground situation is getting worst ,non of drought hit village has received any type relief aid or fund .

“Distressed and dying farmers needs food security ,health facility to critically ill members of distressed farming community and provision for direct financial assistance to daughter marriage along with free fodder and potable water but till date only promises are given ,not relief resulting these farmers suicides” alleged Kishore Tiwari of VJAS.

‘we are expecting central intervention to stop this mass genocide of innocent farmers who are victims of wrong policies promoted by state as in dry land area rain sensitive crop like Bt.cotton is being cultivated in more than 95% causing huge financial losses to the cotton farmers and water crisis in the area. We have demanding the ban on rain sensitive crop in this region and promotion of food crop in all rain fed area of vidarbha since 2004 but nobody is giving any attention to this serious demand resulting more and more farm suicides in the region ‘ Tiwari added,

State Govt. declared drought in 15460 villages in vidarbha due to complete crop failure and declared relief measures on paper hence VJAS urged Indian Prime Minister intervention in vidarbha agrarian crisis to address the dying farmers and to provide free health care, food security, rural employment, fodder to save dying cattle, drinking water to rural masses and cattle on priority basis so that prevailing acute distress can be minimize and farmers suicides can be controlled ,Tiwari said.

“as our repeated requests are going in vain ,VJAS has decided move the matter before NHRC for directing the central and state Govt. to save dying vidarbha agrarian community as more than 3 million farm families are in deep distress and needs urgent health care, food security and rural employment and relief aid ” Tiwari added.


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Anbarasu said...

It is the farmers themselves to be blamed. Why they opt for BT cotton, when we have lots of our own varieties? They never listens to the people who encourages them to use organic manure and do natural cultivation. I am from a family where agriculture is main activity.