Saturday, December 27, 2014

No More "Achhe Din" for Vidarbha farmers as 12 more Farmers Suicides reported

No More "Achhe Din" for Vidarbha farmers as 12 more  Farmers Suicides reported in last 72 hours   
DATED-27 december 2014 
Drought and flow natural calamities and  subsequent crop failure for last three years in farm suicide hit vidarbha region has reported 12 more  distressed aid starved farmers suicides taking toll to 52 in this month and 1109 in year 2014 ,recent victims of vidarbha agrarian crisis when ongoing global, recession in cotton and soybean prices has added fuel in despair when not single paisa from state Govt. much hyped Rs.7000 crore  relief package has reached the dying farmers and ill-fated 12 farmers are

1.saiyad ansar ali of chikhalvardha in yavatmal
2.khushal kapase  of dahegoan in yavatmal
3.punaji manvar mangkinhi in yavatmal
4.maroti gode of pimpalgoan in wardha
5.shivanand gite of shivani in buldhana
6.vithhal taywade of deoli in wardha
7. sanjay dakhore of regoan in washim
8.nilesh walke of gunji in amaravati
9.sunil rakhunde of gavthala in buldhana
10.madhukar adsar pimpalgoan in wardha
11.someshwar wade of tamba in yavatmal
12.maroti rathode of nignur in yavatmal
most of the farmers rae rain fed dry land farmers who are under debt and were under deep distress due to socio-economic acute problems which have gifted them to free market economy and new era of privatization of education, health services and free finance for MNSc produced luxury item like TV,vehicles,mobiles at thier doorstep and denial of crop loan from state owned financial institutes ,Kishore Tiwari of Vidarbha Janandoolan Smaiti (VJAS) farmers advocacy group documenting farmers suicides since 1997 and fighting against farmers genocide , informed in press release today .

 Maharashtra agrarian crisis in which Vidarbha western districts which are mainly cotton growing has been reporting farmers suicides @  8 hourly a day since 2005 and centre and state government has pumped more than Rs.60,000 crore in the name of relief packages but as all relief packages where mostly designed by agriculture and economic expert in air-conditioned offices has not addressed core issues of rural distress which is result of the policies and Neo- globalization  which has forced Indian Govt. to withdraw direct subsidies and market protection for cotton and soybean cash  crops of region and all packages are keeping salient on restoration  direct subsidies and market protection to distressed farmers who are killing themselves, Tiwari added.
Recently supreme court has taken cognizance of vidarbha farmers as asked Govt. to come clean on PM Modiji promise of  debt free agrarian community and implementing  the renowned farm scientist M S Swaminathan's formula for fixation of MSP which provides for cost plus 50 per cent remuneration to the farmers as the basis of fixation of MSP for agricultural crops should be looked into during the process of finalization of Union Budget for 2014-15 that is only way to make agriculture far more sustainable besides ensuring no farmer was compelled to either leave this occupation or commit suicide, Tiwari urged .

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